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World Squash Day returns on Saturday October 12th with ambitious plans to attract one million new players to the game over the next decade.

The theme for 2019 is for every club on the planet to open their doors and hold a free taster session called The Big Hit.


Clubs will be supported by social media campaigns and a new WSD website has been set up to provide further ideas and promotional material which can be downloaded for free.

World Squash Day founder Alan Thatcher said: “Every club and squash facility is invited to host a Big Hit taster session to promote the health benefits that squash has to offer, alongside the fun and friendly social atmosphere that is a universal part of our great game.


“Each club can create their own pathways to look after those newcomers, including weekly group sessions, mentors to help them on their way, and social evenings to complement the huge fitness buzz that squash is guaranteed to deliver.”


 “World Squash Day is a wonderful annual initiative,” said World Squash Federation President Jacques Fontaine. “It provides such a great opportunity for clubs everywhere to show the public who have not yet experienced it just what makes our sport so popular around the globe.”


Over the next month, Squash New Zealand through our online channels will be promoting World Squash Initiatives both in New Zealand and around the world. Register your club activity here and Squash New Zealand will promote it over the next month.


Look out for further information and competitions on website and social media over the next month.


If clubs would like to access further information and resources from World Squash Day click

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