Our Policies & Recommendations

We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment for all people to play squash in and reach their potential. We acknowledge that safety does not just happen - it requires conscious action. Everyone has a responsibility to safeguard and protect each other. The following policies and regulations have been developed that apply to all individuals involved – whether paid or in a voluntary capacity.

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Our Policies and Recommendations

Squash New Zealand Code of Conduct and Member Protection Policy

Our Code of Conduct and Member Protection Policy is an essential part of Squash New Zealand’s proactive and preventative approach to tackling inappropriate behaviour within our sport and providing the safest possible environment for all members to participate and compete in the sport of squash.  Squash New Zealand trusts that all administrators, coaches, athletes, referees, support staff and spectators will assist it in promoting safe and responsible behaviour within squash. 

Privacy Policy

Squash New Zealand Poipātū Aotearoa knows you care about how your personal information is used and shared. It is committed to ensuring your privacy is protected and your personal information is only used appropriately by complying with its obligations under the Privacy Act 2020.

This privacy policy aims to help people involved in SNZ understand how their personal information may be collected, used, stored, and disclosed by SNZ.

Balance is Better

Balance is Better is an evidence-based philosophy to support quality sport experience for all young people, regardless of ability, needs and motivations. Ultimately, it is about young people staying involved in sport for life and realising their potential at the right time.

Squash NZ has developed a Balance is Better document to ouline how the philosophy is applied in a squash-specific context.

Squash New Zealand Regulations

Our regulations cover procedural matters, matters of misconduct and rules for individual competitions. These outline our responsibilities and the responsibilities of all affiliated organisations and individuals associated with Squash New Zealand:

  • Eyewear Policy - We require players to wear protective eyewear in all junior National Events, and all doubles events.
  • Ball Manufacturer Policy - The eleven affiliated districts of Squash New Zealand have signed an agreement to exclusively use the Dunlop squash ball in tournaments held under the jurisdiction of Squash New Zealand.
  • Clothing Policy - This outlines our required court attire standards for national events. We recommend the adoption of these standards in all other events.
  • Choice of Ball Policy - B2 (and above) graded players shall use a double yellow dot Dunlop squash ball. C1 (and below) players shall use a single yellow dot Dunlop squash ball. Where a B2 graded (or higher) player and a C1 (or lower) graded player meet in competition play (including where a man plays a woman), the player with the highest grading points shall have the choice of which ball is used. 
  • Performing Count Backs Policy - Where a count-back is required to decide placings in a pool / round-robin competition, we use the same methodology as the World Squash Federation. This methodology is used for all National Events, and its use is recommended in all District and club events.
  • Manual Adjustments Policy - This outlines the certain circumstances where manual adjustments may be made to change players' grading points.
  • Anti-Doping Policy - We adopt the Anti-Doping Rules made by Drug Free Sport New Zealand, and as amended from time to time.
  • Anti-Match-Fixing and Sports Betting Policy - This applies across squash in relation to any Match or Event Under the Jurisdiction of, or connected to, Squash New Zealand whether inside or outside of New Zealand.
  • National Junior Guidelines re. Drugs and Alcohol - These guidelines apply across all National Junior Events in the relation to drugs and alcohol at Junior events. 
  • Squash NZ Refereeing Policies and Procedures - These policies have been developed to outline the process for selection of referees and referee reimbursement for events as well as other general refereeing policies. 
  • Selection Policy 2022 - The Selection Policy provides information for NZ representative teams. 
  • COVID Travel Policy - This policy applies to those attending an event organised or supported by Squash NZ in an official capacity.
  • 2023 HP Booklet Final - The purpose of this High-Performance booklet is to provide a reference document for stakeholders of the High-Performance Programme.

Squash New Zealand Recommendations

  • Scoring 
    • All junior events will be played using PAR (point a rally) 11. Where a junior competes in a senior event the below ruling based on grading will take effect.
    • We recommend using PAR (point a rally) to 11 scoring for higher graded players (roughly B1 and above), and to 15 for players graded roughly B2 and below.
    • At national events, PAR to 11 scoring is used for B Grade Superchamps, A & B Grades in Champion of Champions, Cousins Shield / Mitchell Cup, all junior age group events, and the top divisions of open events. PAR to 15 scoring is used in grades C-F / J in Superchamps and Champion of Champions, all national Masters events, and where appropriate (using the guidelines above) for lower divisions of open events.
    • The scoring system used should be the same for every player in a tournament grade / division. 
  • Defaults Guidelines - This provides recommendations to frequently asked questions about what to do when defaults occur. Updated June 2024.

Child Safeguarding Policy

Squash NZ has created a new policy in to assist in setting standards to primarily protect our children and young people.  The Child Safeguarding Policy contains procedures for our staff, volunteers and contractors to guide them in identifying and reporting child abuse and/or neglect. 

Please note our Child Concern Form.  In addition we will expect all Squash NZ staff, coaches that we contract, referees and volunteers such as tournament controllers to complete an online education programme, agree to a new code of conduct and agree to be police checked.   Please see our reference page on Raising Concerns.  

In addition Squash NZ has updated our Complaints and Disputes Policy.  We have updated the policy to refresh the steps for raising and dealing with concerns, disputes and complaints.   We want to support our people to resolve minor issues, establish a process for resolving disputes between members and give clear guidance for making, dealing with and resolving complaints.  

We encourage everyone to review the policy as we want to make sure the approach taken to dealing with complaints is fair, consistent including enabling cultural appropriate responses and processes.  Please see Complaints Form to raise a complaint.

Other useful forms include our Code of Conduct and Use of Imagery Consent Form

Sports Tribunal of New Zealand

Should there be any appeals to policies, the Sports Tribunal of New Zealand is an independent body that determines certain types of disputes for the sports sector. Find out more

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