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National Squash Facilities Strategy

Squash NZ has released a new National Squash Facility Strategy in November 2022 in order to assist the sport in having quality and accessible squash facilities, supporting quality experiences and growth in squash participation.

Clubs are able to use the strategy to help
- Maintain
- Improve
- Expand / Develop new / Rationalse their facilities

The diagram below illustrates the tools and resources either currently available or in development for clubs to utilise.  Click on the image below to open a hyperlinked version to find the information you are after.

Club Facility Info one-pager



Court Maintenance Guides

Squash court floor cleaning guide
Cleaning squash court walls guide
Squash court wall maintenance and repair guide


Club Asset Management Plan template

A squash club's building, playing spaces and amenities are all critical pieces to creating a modern, safe and welcoming experience for its members and participants.  Having quality and accessible facilities support these enjoyable experiences and growth in squash participation - all crucial to the long-term sustainability of individual clubs and our sport as a whole.

We appreciate that many clubs are held together by passionate volunteers and may not know where to start or struggle for time, however, it is vital that clubs understand the value of and how to look after their assets.

The Excel-based template contains three tabs:
1. Asset Recorder - for listing all the assets of the club, including age and a self-assessment of their current condition
2. Renewals - assists in estimating the cost to renew or replace existing assets based on current condition and area/size of each asset
3. Maintenance - gives guidance on what maintenance tasks should be performed on your asset regularly and estimates the costs associated with these

Download the tool, take a look through it (all tabs are pre-populated with an example club) and work through it as a committee at a manageable pace. 

The tool includes a how-to-guide to help you work through completing the template and understanding how to best use the information contained within.  We've also created a video tutorial to help you work through the template once you have downloaded it.

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