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Referees are an integral part of our sport and anyone can become a squash referee. By doing so you'll develop observation, leadership, confidence and communication skills to be able to manage a squash game.

World Junior Championships Referees, Tournament Director and Technical Delegate

More than 500 people are qualified as a referee. Here's why:

  • Ensure games are conducted safely and are played in accordance with sanctioned rules and regulations.
  • Continue your enjoyment of the game after or even during your playing career.
  • Increase your knowledge of the rules to improve your game.
  • Have the best seat in the house at every match.
  • Get that great feeling of allowing everyone to have the best experience possible when taking part in squash matches and tournaments.
  • Maintain your current links with the game, forge new friendships and give back to the sport in a direct and meaningful way.
  • Gain appreciation and respect from the squash family.
  • Open up travel opportunities both around New Zealand and to the rest of the world.

Higher Qualified Referees

The following referees have taken the next step and achieved higher qualifications.

WSF Referees

Glenn Carson (Waikato)

Regional Referees

Jackie Hamilton (Otago)

National Referees

Chris Buckland (Midlands)
Becky Clarke (Bay of Plenty)
Heather Findlay (Auckland)
Mike Jack (Central)
Paul Kennett (Waikato)
Jan McAra (Southland)
Nicky McNaught (Southland)
Wayne Smith (Canterbury)
Janet Udy (Canterbury)
Terry Manuatu (Auckland)
Matey Galloway (Wellington)
Daniel Parry (Auckland)


District Referees

Auckland: Steve Harris, Dries De Jager, Opera Monzari
Bay of Plenty:
 Michel Galloway, Ross McCurran, Kathryn McKay, Paul Carter, BJ McKenzie, Waimarie Sylvester
Wellington: Brett Simon
Canterbury: Liza Tonkin
Otago: Samantha Cross, Warren Cox
Southland: Lawrence Paskell
Central: Matthew Ratcliffe
Northland: Craig Morgan
Midlands: Mark Kennedy

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