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Referees are an integral part of our sport and anyone can become a squash referee. By doing so you'll develop observation, leadership, confidence and communication skills to be able to manage a squash game.

Squash Singles Rules 201127_Rules-of-Singles-Squash-2020-V2

Squash Doubles Rules 2022-International-Doubles-Squash-Rules-V2

More than 500 people are qualified as a referee. Here's why:

  • Ensure games are conducted safely and are played in accordance with sanctioned rules and regulations.
  • Continue your enjoyment of the game after or even during your playing career.
  • Increase your knowledge of the rules to improve your game.
  • Have the best seat in the house at every match.
  • Get that great feeling of allowing everyone to have the best experience possible when taking part in squash matches and tournaments.
  • Maintain your current links with the game, forge new friendships and give back to the sport in a direct and meaningful way.
  • Gain appreciation and respect from the squash family.
  • Open up travel opportunities both around New Zealand and to the rest of the world.

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Find out all you need to know on becoming a qualified referee and joining the team here.

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