Online Club Referees Exam

Club Referee is an initial step in the pathway to becoming a squash referee in New Zealand. The requirement to become a Club Referee is to score 90% or better in the Squash New Zealand Officiating Examination. 

Results will be displayed upon completing the exam. Results will include which questions were answered correctly or incorrectly. Candidates are able to re-submit examinations for marking as many times as is needed for success.

Club referees can be expected to referee matches up to their own playing level, but may be able to do higher levels depending on experience and ability. It must be recognised that no practical assessment is completed for a club referee, and successful candidates should therefore be confident but still take care with the level of matches they choose to referee.

The Club Referee qualification is valid for two years from the date of qualification. i.e. if you pass the test on 21st September 2018 it will be valid until the 20th September 2020


Complete the form below, select register and you will be taken to the online exam.  

If you are a parent or a non-player then please just put Casual in the player code area. 

If you have already given out your winning team newsletters, don’t worry about changing them as we will email all entered teams anyway and let them know who has valid qualifications once National entries have closed.

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