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WMG 2021 Kansai -What's Kansai?

World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI will be widely held in the Kansai region of Japan including Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and more. Currently, 12 Prefectures and government ordinance cities in the Kansai region and the organising committee are proceeding preparation for each competition and ceremony. They estimate to announce the application guidelines, the details of each competition schedule and sport category, and contents of ceremonies sometime around November 2019.

Nara Prefecture

Nara prefecture is considered to be the historical beginning place of Japan and also the first formal political center to be built. Visitors are able to experience many things which residents of Nara have valued and observed. There are full of heart healing and attractive things and places all around the prefecture, such as UNESCO World Heritage sites, buildings and many statues of Buddha which are National Treasure or Important Cultural Property, moreover there is a rich nature with four distinctive seasonal expressions and perfectly harmonized modern retro houses lined up in the street.

Nara has been prospered as a center of politics and religions, also taking a role of disseminating worldwide latest trend brought from the continent which has been modified to fit Japanese culture and then delivered to the whole nation. Right then, it can assumed that the Japanese mind of “Accepting different culture” has been developed in Nara. They will inherit the cultural background and to make the most of the advantage, we are welcoming many people and cultures from within the nation and around the world, also keep trying to build deeper friendship with them.

Destination in Nara

The south part of Nara prefecture, Yoshino area is one of the most famous places within Japan for cherry blossom trees covering the entire mountain. People can also admire the scenery which shows co-creation of nature and human activities in the area, for example mountains where people worships as a God’s living places and people practice asceticism there, cherry blossom trees which was presented as a proof of people’s faith and was preserved by people, and also there are continued tradition of cultural Shugen the way to receiving spiritual power through discipline.

And then there are western parts of Nara prefecture, Katsuragi area has rich green environment at the base of Nijo mountain, Katsuragi mountain and Kongo mountain and it is the birth place of culture where was once the playing field of ancient myth. The area is preserving a history and romance along with important ruins and mounted tomb, also there are many historical temples and shrines remains in fine condition. We wish you will come to visit Japanese spiritual home with 1,300 years history.

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