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Kansai World Masters Games 2021

World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI will be widely held in the Kansai region of Japan including Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and more. Currently, 12 Prefectures and government ordinance cities in the Kansai region and the organizing committee are proceeding preparation for each competition and ceremony. The organising committee estimate to announce the application guidelines, the details of each competition schedule and sport category, and contents of ceremonies sometime around November 2019.

To everyone who cannot wait until that time, they will be introducing the Kansai region through eight email newsletters for about 4 months.

More information including photos are also to be delivered to their Facebook and website.

Sports & Venue

At WMG 2021 KANSAI, they plan to offer 55 disciplines with 32 sports at the following venues

The opening ceremony will be held in Kyoto City and the closing ceremony will be held in Osaka City. They will be introducing Kyoto City and Osaka City in the next email newsletter. Stay tuned!

Official Mascot Sufula”

The official mascot of World Masters Games 2021 is called "Sufula". It was named after the initial letters of “Sport for Life.” With a cherry blossom petal as the motif and a pink cute appearance, Sufula makes people who love sports happy. The organising committee will continue to do their best to promote WMG 2021 KANSAI with Sufula. You can follow Sufula's activities on their Facebook, so please check it out!

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