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Why we all need a Squash Buddy

Need squash buddy

Whether you're a seasoned squashie or just starting out with the game, playing it with a friend can be very beneficial for a whole host of reasons.

Be accountable

If you know your pal is waiting at the courts, you're less likely to hit the snooze button.

Have a laugh

Being able to chat and giggle while you hit is sure to increase your motivation to do it again.

Split costs

Divide the cost of court hire in half with your squash buddy.

Friendly competition

If you are at all competitive, having a friend can see you push yourself that little bit harder.

Perfect your technique

Having a friend who can give you some coaching pointers to perfect your lunge or serve is invaluable, and you can do the same in return.

Share knowledge

Find out some tips, or share your favourite post-match option with your playing buddy.

Give a boost

Feeling a bit flat? Your friend can lift you up and keep you motivated when you don’t feel like playing.

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