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Awards FAQs

Can I nominate more than one person / club?
Yes, you can nominate as many people / clubs as you like.  Just remember to include contact details for the person / club you are nominating.

Can I nominate myself?
Yes, but you may find it more valuable to have someone else recognise your contribution.

How will I know if my nomination is a finalist?
We will contact finalists via email to let them know whether they have made it, or not. District winners (Clubs and Volunteers) are automatically shortlisted for consideration in the National Awards.

Can I provide more information to my nomination once I have submitted it?
Yes, you can update your nomination up until the cut-off period.

Can someone be nominated in more than one category?
Yes, as long as they meet the criteria for each category.

Can I attend the awards ceremony?
Numbers are usually limited so please contact us to find out more. Finalists will receive invitations to attend and most go to see who will win, to network with their peers and to celebrate the achievemnts of our sport.

What is the judging process?
The respective judging panels score each nomination separately and these are then accrued with the top four selected as finalists. In the event of any conflict of interest involving nominations and judging, this is declared to the judging panel and that judge abstains from making decisions related to that particular nomination.

Can I submit a nomination after the cut-off period?
Extensions are not granted for any reason. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so submit your nominations early!

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