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Become a leader worth following

Club Leader

Did you know that developing a club culture worth belonging to is the leader’s primary responsibility? Without it, your club’s days are numbered.

Squash New Zealand Announces World Junior Championships Representatives WSF_Squash_logo_Full_Colour_News

Squash New Zealand is pleased to announce the team of 4 Junior Women to represent New Zealand at the World Junior Championships Individuals and Teams event in Tauranga in July, as well as the 2 Junior Women and 6 Junior Men who will compete in the World Junior Championships Individuals.

Gibson O’Connor North Shore Open and PSA Draws Set

The first PSA events of the 2017 New Zealand season sees the North Shore Squash club looking to continue their success after the hosting of the World Masters Games 2017 with their hosting of a Men’s and Women’s $5K PSA event.

Repairing squash court walls

Facility costs

Squash court walls are in use every day for several hours, receiving thousands of hits by the ball and sooner or later some repair is necessary.

SNZ Seeks EOI for 2017 World Junior Men's Teams Event Test Series Coach

Squash New Zealand is calling for expressions of interests for the coaching role at the 2017 World Junior Men’s Team’s Event Test Series to be held in Tauranga, New Zealand 25th-28th July 2017.

May Junior Ranking List

May Junior Ranking List Photo

Squash NZ is pleased to announce the 2017 May Junior Ranking List. Squash NZ will produce three junior ranking lists in 2017 released on the 15th May, 15th July and 15th October. Players age-group birth dates are taken from the 15th of May. Congratulations to all the players and good luck for the rest of the season.

Planning for the future


Like it or not, planning is an essential part of good governance and a key responsibility for the leaders of your squash club.

Is your squash club environment safe and healthy?

Safe and Healthy Clubs

Under the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 we all need to check that our squash playing environments are safe. Has your District or club taken the following steps to ensure this is the case?

Record levels of coach development activity

Growth in Coaching Modules 2017

The past few months have seen an unprecedented number of coach development opportunities offered throughout the country as more and more people take a step on the Coaching Pathway and gain national qualifications.

Create club cultures worth belonging to

Squash Club Cultures

Everything that happens inside your club comes down to its culture. So what does it mean for people to belong to your club? Learn how you can find out and turn this into something more powerful.

Use your club’s assets as an income generator

Sponsorship Signage

Rather than looking to cut costs, has your club focused on increasing income from within the community and business sponsorship in the surrounding area?

How to stretch your squash game


Whether you’ve smashed out a fitness session, wrapped up a match or just had a casual hit, a good stretch will always pay dividends.


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