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Injury procedure/results (Rule 14.1, 14.2, 14.3)

When any injury occurs on court, the Referee must first decide if the injury is genuine, and then decide on its category – self-inflicted, contributed or opponent-inflicted. When these decisions have been made, an announcement to the gallery including any time allowances should be made. The Referee should then go to the player to ensure they understand their situation. Injury time must be taken at the time of the original injury.

Self-inflicted: 3 minutes is allowed for recovery, after which a player may concede a game and take another 90 seconds. After that they must play on or concede the match.

Contributed: the result of accidental action by both players. 15 minutes is allowed for recovery, and the Referee has the discretion to allow another 15 minutes (this is not as of right!). If unable to continue after this time, the player must concede the match.

Opponent-inflicted, accidental: a conduct must be applied and the injured player is allowed 15 minutes recovery time. If unable to continue after 15 minutes, the injured player is awarded the match.

Opponent-inflicted, deliberate or dangerous: a conduct must be applied, and the injured player may play on immediately if able to do so. If any recovery time is required, the injured player is awarded the match.

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