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Kiwi Squash is Squash New Zealand's official junior squash programme for 5-12 year olds. To start a lifelong involvement in squash, an engaging and inclusive programme has been created that is at the right level for the players at each stage of their development. Conducted in a safe environment, it uses activities and games to provide fun and enjoyable learning and participation experiences for young people. Find out more

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Frequently asked questions

Who can participate in Kiwi Squash?
Children who are aged five years and older.

Why should my child do Kiwi Squash?
Kiwi Squash serves as a fantastic introduction to squash, and as a way for children to actually play the game and improve through fun activities.

My child has never played squash before. Will they fit in?
Yes, Kiwi Squash is designed to help children develop fundamental movement and basic squash skills. Kiwi Squash coaches will adapt activities to ensure that players are assisted or extended. Kiwi Squash caters for players at all levels and provides a safe and enjoyable introduction to squash.

What does the Kiwi Squash programme look like?
Kiwi Squash is based on the philosophy of ‘learning through play’ and children learn the game of squash, not just the skills. This means that children are always active with no queues and age-appropriate equipment. There is plenty of opportunities to play fun games and activities – no matter is they are working on their own, or with a partner.

What skills does Kiwi Squash develop?
Through playing games children learn to think and make tactical decisions about meaningful squash situations; they improve their squash technique and movement skills; and build social skills such as working cooperatively with others, building friendships, encouraging team mates and showing good sportsmanship.

What are the benefits of Kiwi Squash?
Kiwi Squash sessions are designed to ensure children can develop all aspects of their game, including tactical play, technique and social skills. It also provides a chance for children and families to see if they are interested in squash in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Is there a cost?
The cost for participating in a Kiwi Squash programme will depend on who is running the programme. All providers are encouraged to keep costs to a minimum to encourage participation.

Where is Kiwi Squash available?
Kiwi Squash is available wherever there are trained Kiwi Squash coaches. If your child is interested in participating in a Kiwi Squash programme ask if your school if it is offering Kiwi Squash or contact your regional District Association or local Club.

Kiwi Squash equipment

Age-appropriate balls and rackets are the key to successful Kiwi Squash programmes, making it easier for children to pick up skills and have fun. Help your child with our equipment solutions.

Become a Kiwi Squash coach

Any parent, teacher, coach, student, or other volunteer can deliver Kiwi Squash. The only recommendation is to attend a Kiwi Squash Coaching module. This is a simple short introduction to coaching the programme that will give you the information and resources you need to go out and deliver a fun experience. On completing the course parents can get access to all the Kiwi Squash Coaching Resources.

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