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Tui Girls Back the Bid

Support for Squash's Olympic Bid has sprouted up in the unlikely town of Mangatainoka, with excellent results!

After international sporting superstars including Roger Federer, Sachin Tendulkar and Kim Clijsters have publicly supported squash's bid to gain Olympic inclusion in 2020, Mangatainoka has trumped them all by getting the Tui girls on board.

Bid Update

The seven bidding sports of Wushu, Karate, Baseball/Softball, Sport Climbing, Roller Sport and Wakeboarding, plus the recently deposed Wrestling, will all present to the IOC Executive Committee on May 29 in St Petersburg, with a shortlist announced later that day.  The shortlisted sports will remain in the hunt for 2020 Olympic inclusion, until a final decision in made in September.

How can you help Back the Bid?

  • Print out the BacktheBid banner ( and get a photo with someone famous backing the bid.
  • Support the BacktheBid social media by liking and, and adding the hashtags #backthebid and #vote4squash to your tweets.
  • Keep up to date with developments at the official BacktheBid website:

Tui Girls Back the Bid 2 - Yeah Right

Tui Girls Back the Bid

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