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Revolutionary Changes to iSquash

Squash New Zealand is delighted to announce the release of several major upgrades to the iSquash system.

The upgrades chiefly affect club administrator level, and are designed to make life easier for volunteers.  The changes affect Membership Management, and Tournaments run in iSquash.

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Membership Management

There have been significant changes to the Membership Management and the main features of the new system are

  • collect more information on individual members
  • filter your membership to view selected groups (eg. Juniors only, graded members only, Committee members only, Unpaid members etc)
  • bulk email all of your members, or selected groups within your membership (and see previously sent bulk emails)
  • record information about your members’ membership (eg. Type of membership, subs charged, paid/unpaid, renewal date etc)
  • individual club flexibility surrounding membership information (eg. Clubs choose what their membership types are)
  • one central repository for club contacts that your committee can see, along with your squash district and Squash NZ (if you change your email address here, everyone sees that change)
  • more information collected on club facilities and provided to the public through the Squash NZ club directory

We have had a very positive response from clubs throughout the recent Roadshow and we hope that clubs will find the new system much more user-friendly and able to replace a variety of databases that they may currently hold for their club. It is designed so that all club committee members can access the same information from any computer with internet access.

There is a brand new Club Administrator's manual to reflect these improvements which can be downloaded here:

iSquash Club Admin Manual (3.2Mb)

Tournament Module

What's changed?

  • The calendar process
  • Entry confirmation emails to players who enter tournaments
  • Ease of player entry for tournament organisers
  • Players can now delete their own tournament entry
  • Note on Tournament Registration page on how to change contact details
  • Field for tournament director's contact details in tournament information
  • Several other minor changes

The most important change is the calendar process.  This component of the tournament module is now optional - clubs can now enter results through the tournament module (saving significant time) without needing to allocate matches to calendar slots.  For clubs that do wish to use the calendar; the process has been streamlined and is now much easier and more user-friendly.  This has been achieved using menus and drop-down boxes.

The tournament module manual has been updated to reflect the changes: Manual Tournament Module April 2013 (1.7Mb).

Other changes:

We recognise that several further changes would help the tournament module to reach its potential of user-friendliness, and a simple six draw is chief among these!  We would also like to add a default match allocation feature to the calendar, as well as some enhanced reporting features.  On this occasion funding has not stretched to cover some of these additional changes.  We will apply for additional funding, and look to continue improving the tournament module as possible.


We aim to continuously improve iSquash, so if you have any feedback (positive and/or negative/constructive), please Contact Us 

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