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Covid Level 2 - Delta Guidelines

16 September 2021

Covid: Level 2 Delta Guidelines

• Ensure you have the COVID-19 Tracker QR code visible and have one alternative form of record keeping for people who do not use a covid tracer app

• Ensure people can stay 2m apart within the facility, this may mean restricting numbers depending on the size of your club.

• Ensure that you can enforce no more than 50 people in your club at one time as a single group – different people cannot come and go under these group limits.

Scenario: If you are running a club night or activity within your club there can be a maximum of 50 in attendance depending on the size of your club. You need to ensure you can keep the 2m distance. The club needs to have a thorough clean prior to the next group of 50 attending (in particular, disinfecting all touch points). Please ensure you can adhere to the government and Sport NZ guidelines.

• Ensure that no high-risk people enter the facility

• If your club shares spaces with other members, clubs or activities you must have separate record keeping in these areas, e.g. separate contact tracing in the changing rooms. See the following site. Keep track of where you have been: Unite against COVID-19 (

• Ensure your facility has extensive signage and information regarding precautions for managing Covid 19. Posters | Unite against COVID-19 (

• Ensure your facility has an up-to-date cleaning schedule & soap and hand sanitiser is available and is consistently refilled.

• Ensure the facility staff and/or volunteers are properly briefed on all information regarding precautions for managing COVID-19.

• Ensure you can follow single and seated service.


- We recommend everyone to wear a mask when inside the facility. Masks can be removed when playing, eating, or drinking.

- All events/competitions and Performance Squad/Programme Training should be risk assessed and reviewed to determine if they will proceed based on the above



For detailed information and sport scenarios please visit:

Play, Active Recreation and Sport at Alert Level 2 | Sport New Zealand - Ihi Aotearoa (


If you have any queries regarding these guidelines, please send your feedback to and we will update these as needed.

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