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Tony Brown backing Squash NZ support of the Mental Health Foundation for WSD 2021

There’s plenty of support in New Zealand behind World Squash Day 2021 as an ideal opportunity for the sport as well as the community to become more inclusive and also raise awareness and funds for the Mental Health Foundation.

Former All Black and now successful rugby coach as well as keen squash player, Tony Brown is right behind Squash New Zealand supporting the Mental Health Foundation for World Squash Day, October 9 2021.

Brown who is a B grade player out of the Pirates Club in Dunedin feels that squash is a great way of challenging yourself, but also finding enjoyment and comradeship on and off the court.

“If we can encourage people to enjoy the challenge and enjoy the physical side of what a game like squash can do for you mentally the actual result doesn’t matter. It’s getting on the court and enjoy taking on someone in a physical battle that’s really enjoyable and fun to play, you’re always learning too,” said Brown.

“You can have a few laughs on the court as the ball does some strange things at times. I love the game and how easy it is to have a hit and get a workout. No matter what your level you can run around the court and can be quite entertaining at times, ” said Brown, 45 who took up the sport eight years ago and uses it to relax and for fitness.

As top-class rugby coach, currently in charge of the Japan national rugby team he is also used to working with the mental side of players and how to motivate, work with and understand the different needs of athletes in a team environment.

“Obviously, not only in professional sport but life in general, there’s a lot of extra pressures on young kids and high performance athletes as well. A lot of extra pressure, whether social media, the media, trusting your own ability to perform, we have to find extra ways to deal with extra pressure. Coaching the Highlanders we put more time and resources in this area making sure our athletes have all the support they need. It’s something the community needs to understand and work on.”

Brown and others are keen to help Squash NZ give back directly to our communities in supporting wellbeing and fund raising for a valued cause that affects all New Zealanders.

With 50 days until World Squash Day 2021 clubs around the country are set to take part in activities with some nominated events including; ‘12’ hour squash marathons, opening up clubs to the community and other engagement events.

Each club will be supported by Squash NZ to gain the most for themselves and also for the Mental Health Foundation on World Squash Day which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.If your club hasn't signed up yet, there is still time:

World Squash Day 2021 also coincides with the New Zealand Junior Open being held this year in Timaru where a large number of players will be taking part in one of the most popular, and prestigious events of the year.

Photo: Dave Lintott

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