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Squash New Zealand set to give back to the community

World Squash Day 2021 is getting closer with the sport in New Zealand keen to show it has plenty of depth and community spirit on and off the court.

On the back of international success by Paul Coll and Joelle King, squash has plenty of popularity around the country, however there’s more to the sport than just the top level.

Squash New Zealand and clubs are keen to give back directly to our communities in supporting wellbeing and fund raising for a valued cause that affects all New Zealanders.

With 75 days remaining until World Squash Day, Saturday 9 October, Squash NZ is partnering with the Mental Health Foundation with a number of ways to support each other prior to and on the day.

Clubs around the country are set to take part in World Squash Day activities with some nominated events including; ‘12’ hour squash marathons, opening up clubs to the community and other engagement events.

“World Squash Day 2021 is an ideal opportunity for clubs and the sport around the country to display themselves to the community and show what a great sport squash is and how valued it is as part of the New Zealand landscape. It is also important for squash to partner with a worthwhile charity such as the Mental Health Foundation which does a great job in the community. Everyone knows someone effected in the community and as a sport we want to help where we can,” said Martin Dowson, Chief Executive, SNZ

“This special day for us is a great way for the sport to activate to help itself and others. We are a healthy sport and sport which involves family as well as fun.”.

Each club will be supported by Squash NZ to gain the most for themselves and also for the Mental Health Foundation on World Squash Day which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

World Squash Day 2021 also coincides with the New Zealand Junior Open being held this year in Timaru where a large number of players will be taking part in one of the most popular, and prestigious events of the year.

Clubs should have received information about how their club can get involved and how to sign up this morning. If your club is yet to receive this and would like to be involved please contact:

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