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Changes to the Squash New Zealand Grading List

The Grading Review committee spent 2020 working to address issues that had been raised by the Squash Community with the current grading system.

The aim of the review was to ensure we can maintain a grading system that accurately reflects a player’s level. 

The decisions and changes made are backed by research and data analysed thoroughly by the review group.


Summary of decisions

1. The Grading list will be re-aligned, and women will sit exactly one grade higher than men.  Men will be given 100 points from F grade (600 points) to the middle of C2 (2200 points).

2. Male players between 2201–2299, will be given points to raise them to 2300 points, so that no player is higher than a player they were originally below.

3. Equal Points for win/loss for Women C1 and above

4. B1 and above players will no longer be able to gain 5 points from beating a player 300+ points below them.

5. B2 and below players will still gain 5 points for beating a player 300+ points below them up until 599 points difference.

6. Inactivity points to be removed


Please read the full document here: Squash NZ Grading List Update

View the new grading list here: Squash NZ Grading List 2021

These changes are due to come into effect Tuesday 9th March. 

Please send any queries regarding the changes to:

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