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National Tournament Dates Confirmed:

The 2019 Premier and Major tournament dates have been confirmed and can now be found on our website and facebook pages.


In 2019 the National Tournament Calendar will be a real time virtual calendar that will enable the squash community to access it both on a computer and your mobile device with events updated in real time.


Currently the calendar shows Premier and Major tournament dates and the District the event will be hosted in. As the host clubs are confirmed this information will be updated. District are currently working on the various District events and once these are confirmed they will show on the calendar. After this District will work with clubs to ensure their events are added.


To view the calendar on our website click HERE


To view the calendar on our facebook click the calendar tab on the left hand side menu.


To view the calendar on your mobile download the "Teamup Calendar" from your app store and enter the following code ksj1gzyg92kk27ej56

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