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Squash has been given an opportunity to be a 'showcase' sport at the Youth Olympic Games being held in Buenos Aires in 6-18 October 2018. 

It is an exciting opportunity for squash to be a part of an Olympic event for the first time - and hopefully a stepping stone towards achieving our dream of a place on the Olympic Games Programme.

As a showcase sport World Squash Federation are not permitted to hold an actual event, so players cannot compete to a finish and no medals will be awarded. However, we are permitted to invite squash ambassadors to play on the showcourt, meet the influencers who will attend, support the introductory clinics and support our use of an inflatable court. Most importantly, to be World Squash representatives and ambassadors.

The Squash participation dates will be 7 - 12 October 2018 inclusive (six days of activity), and will include attendance at the opening ceremony and access to all the other sports taking place.

However, players will not be placed in the Olympic Village as they cannot be considered as formally representing their nation so in a hotel instead.

The squash presentation will be the 18-invited young male and 18-invited young female Ambassadors, showing the sport by playing exhibition games with the other five players in their pool. (There will be three pools for each gender). However, it should be stressed that these matches are to showcase the dexterity, strength and athleticism of our sport so results will not be recorded and published.

Each region is offered the opportunity to send players, all of whom must be aged 15 - 18 years of age on 31 December 2018.

  • Asia, Europe and Pan America*: 4 boys and 4 girls
  • Africa and Oceania: 2 boys and 2 girls
  • *excluding Argentinian players
  • Argentinian (host) players: 2 boys and 2 girls.

With the exception of Argentina, only one male and one female from a country may be included (so a maximum of one boy and girl per nation).

Oceania Squash Federation has nominated 2 females and 2 males from Australia and New Zealand to represent the Oceania Region at the Youth Olympics 2018. Squash NZ will be selecting one male and one female. Deadline to name players to the World Squash Federation is 22nd April 2018.

Each Region may also nominate reserves - up to two boys and two girls from any nations, including those already represented, if they wish, to fill any places that may not be taken by another region.

World Squash Ambassador shirts (which must be worn when at the venue) will be provided.

The criteria for the Youth Olympic Games 2018 has been reviewed and amended since it was published on the Squash NZ website on Sunday 18th March.

Please click on the link to find the new criteria to best reflect the special nature of this event. The candidates will have to have the maturity to be the very best ambassador for Squash NZ.

Squash NZ Selection Criteria for Youth Olympics 2018

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