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The power of online reviews

Online Reviews ClubsThere are online customer reviews and star ratings almost everywhere now. People generally look at websites before they make their decision. Reading a good review can help build trust with your club about the quality and credibility of what you offer. Reading a bad review makes it less likely that people will do anything with your club.

If your club wants to increase the contact potential members have with you, encourage your existing club members and visitors to jump online (such as your club’s Facebook page) and give your club a stellar review. It is important to share positive reviews with your club members to give them an appreciation of the excellent experiences at your club and will instill a sense of pride.

Should your club receive negative feedback it is important that your club reviews this and uses it to improve. Handled correctly, a response to a negative comment can ensure that the person feels heard while also drawing attention to your club’s many positive qualities.

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