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The secret to long-term member retention

Member retention

Most sports clubs understand that member recruitment and retention are the keys to success. Research shows more often than not, it is the coaching skills that keeps us coming back for more.

Using an empowering coaching approach promotes athlete self-awareness which makes us feel supported, cared for, respected and more confident. Dialogue, engagement and questioning ultimately allows us to manage high pressure situations. It speeds up our development and is how many people prefer to learn. All of this creates a better connection between athletes and coaches and increases our likelihood of improving and returning to the courts.

The empowering coaching approach has long been central to our Coach Development Framework. If your members are trained to engage with others in this manner, research shows they will be much more likely to return, fall in love with squash and become a long-term members of your club.

Attending our range of coaching modules ensures your members will be trained in a coaching style that will increase membership and help retain your members. If member retention is important to you, the key thing to remember is to provide regular coach development opportunities for your members every year.

Want to be the best coach you can be?

Take your coaching (human skills) from good to great with a coach development module.

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