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Recording Participation

Squash clubs around the country are hives of activity. Every week within four walls people lunge, they sweat, they shout and they leave feeling fantastic. The best clubs record detailed participation statistics which allows them to modify the programmes they offer and improve their club’s timetable. This keeps members happy, which means they come back for more and are more likely to bring their friends too.

iSquash Activity Reporting

The web-based iSquash Activity Reporting tool lets you record your club’s participation figures so you can identify what is working and where there is room for improvement. Being entirely web based, all the information is available on demand and you can run reports at the push of a button. You can load participation statistics straight away, which allows your club to use accurate reporting to adapt your membership growth strategies as required. Having this data on hand shows your programme popularity and provides you with patterns of what is working and what is not – before it is too late.


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*Activity Reporting Year 1 Statistics

*Activity Reporting Year 2 Statistics

When it comes to success numbers matter. Your numbers tell you how strong your club is and how you can make it stronger. So, keeping track of them is everything. All you need to do is take a quick headcount for each programme, enter this number into Activity Reporting and it will take care of the rest.

Keen to be better?

The secret to lifting your game is leveraging social relationships and enjoyable experiences for higher participation and better retention. People love playing squash against other people – that’s why they join our clubs.

Now is the perfect time to consider the ideal timetable for your club. What will it look like? Start transforming your club by clicking here

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