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First Day of Finals Set for World Masters Games 2017 Squash

The fourth day of the World Masters Games has wrapped up at the North Shore Squash Club and there will be a number of titles to be had over the coming days. Some of the top seeds are finding strain on their bodies and will have to put this aside if they want to claim their titles.

Men's Open 35+ Finals

The all Kiwi Finals will see ex professional player Kashif Shuja take on second seed Sam Atkins whilst fifth seed Adrian Mennell and third seed Neil Rossin will battle it out for the 3/4 position. All players had a day off on Tuesday and will be well rested for their final matches.

Wed 11am - Final - (1) Kashif Shuja (NZ) vs (2) Sam Atkins (NZ)
Wed 10:15am – 3/4 Playoff- (3) Neil Rossin (NZ) vs (5) Adrian Mennell (NZ)

Men's Open 40+ Semi Finals

The top seeded Kiwi Corey Love took out a big win over the fourth seed Richard Green of the UK in 4 with Love putting aside any injuries he may have been carrying to secure his place in the final. Third seed Allan Crome made it an all Kiwi final after taking out his win over Australia’s second seed Daniel Woolbank in 3. Woolbank and Green will do battle for the 3/4 position.

(1) Corey Love (NZ) bt (4) Richard Green (UK) - 6/11 11/8 11/8 11/8
(3) Allan Crome (NZ) bt (2) Daniel Woolbank (Australia) - 11/6 11/7 11/8

Wed 12:30pm – Final - (1) Corey Love (NZ) vs (3) Allan Crome (NZ)
Wed 11:45am – 3/4 Playoff - (4) Richard Green (UK) vs (2) Daniel Woolbank (Australia)

Men's Open 45+ Semi Finals

The Men’s 45+ saw top seed Scott Gardiner of NZ having to retire injured against NZ’s Robert Clark after doing his quad muscle. Clark will now do battle against the second seed Paul Bedford who made his way into the final with a win over another Kiwi Troy Dunn the sixth seed. Bedford claimed his win in 3 over Dunn to make the final. Dunn now takes the 3rd place medal with Gardiner unable to compete in tomorrow’s scheduled match.

(5) Robert Clark (NZ) bt (1) Scott Gardiner (NZ) – 11/3 Gardiner retired due to injury
(2) Paul Bedford (NZ) bt (6) Troy Dunn (NZ) - 11/6 11/6 11/3

Wed 9:30am – Final – (5) Robert Clark (NZ) vs (2) Paul Bedford (NZ)
3rd Place – 6th seed Troy Dunn

Men's Open 50+ Semi Finals

Top seeded South African Craig van der Wath made light work of local club player and fifth seed Gary Duberly with van der Wath taking the win from Duberly in 3, with Duberly just not able to match the accuracy and shot selection of van der Wath. Canadian and second seed Steven Wren made his way into the final beating New Zealand’s Grant Craig in 3. All medals in this draw will be heading to different parts of the world with a truly international draw.

(1) Craig van der Wath (South Africa) bt (5) Gary Duberly (NZ) - 11/9 11/7 11/4
(2) Steven Wren (Canada) bt (3) Grant Craig (NZ) - 11/8 11/7 11/7

Wed 2pm – Final - (1) Craig van der Wath (South Africa) vs (2) Steven Wren (Canada)
Wed 1:15pm – 3/4 Playoff - (5) Gary Duberly (NZ) vs (3) Grant Craig (NZ)

Men's Open 55+ Semi Finals

Top seed Peter Gilbee of Australia made his way into the final with a win in 3 over the fourth seed Antony Brettkelly of the USA. Second seed Dale Robbins of Australia made sure that Australia would get a title in this event when he took out sixth seed Mark Taylor of the UK in a tough four setter. The 3/4 battle will see a Trans-Atlantic battle with Antony Brettkelly of the USA taking on Mark Taylor of the UK.

(1) Peter Gilbee (Australia) bt (4) Antony Brettkelly (USA) - 11/8 11/7 11/7
(2) Dale Robbins (Australia) bt (6) Mark Taylor (UK) - 9/11 11/6 11/7 11/8

Wed 3:30pm – Final - (1) Peter Gilbee (Australia) vs (2) Dale Robbins (Australia)
Wed 2:45pm – 3/4 Playoff - (4) Antony Brettkelly (USA) vs (6) Mark Taylor (UK) -

Men's Open 60+ Semi Finals

Top seed and local club player Mark Waldin will do his best to ensure that the North Shore club sees a title staying in the building after he took his win from fellow Kiwi Lawrence Skurr in 3. Australian Roy Oliver has made the final a Trans-Tasman affair after taking his win from the New Zealand Masters Director Wayne Seebeck in four sets. This will now see local club mates Wayne Seeback and Lawrence Skurr battling it out for the 3/4 spots.

(1) Mark Waldin (NZ) bt (4) Lawrence Skurr (NZ) - 11/5 11/5 11/7
(2) Roy Oliver (Aus) bt (6) Wayne Seebeck (NZ) - 11/8 11/6 7/11 11/9

Wed 5pm – Final - (1) Mark Waldin (NZ) vs (2) Roy Oliver (Aus)
Wed 4:15pm – 3/4 Playoff - (4) Lawrence Skurr (NZ) vs Wayne Seebeck (NZ)

Men's Open 65+ Semi Finals

Top seed Hongi Laing of New Zealand has made his way into the finals with a strong win over New Zealand’s Ross Cornes in 3. Laing will be joined by sixth seed Ross Wells of New Zealand who upset the 2016 NZ Masters Champion Trevor Colyer in 4 to claim a space in the final.

(1) Hongi Laing (NZ) bt (5) Ronald Crosby (NZ) - 11/6 11/3 11/8
(6) Ross Wells (NZ) bt (2) Trevor Colyer (NZ) - 13/11 9/11 11/6 11/7

Thurs 10:15am - (1) Hongi Laing (NZ) vs (6) Ross Wells (NZ)
Thurs 9:30am - (5) Ronald Crosby (NZ) vs (2) Trevor Colyer (NZ)

Men’s Open 70+

Pool play kicked off again in the 70+ category with the Kiwis taking their wins from the Australians in contrasting styles. Stephen Jacobs took out Michael Millington in 5 whilst Alex Houliston took out Max Bourne in 3. There is 1 more day of Pool Play for the 70+ Men before their final day.

(5) Stephen Jacobs (NZ) bt (6) Michael Millington (Aus) - 11/7 11/8 8/11 4/11 18/16
(3) Alex Houliston (NZ) bt (4) Max Bourne (Aus) - 11/7 11/3 11/4

Thurs 11:45am – Final – Players TBC
Thurs 11am – 3/4 Playoff – Players TBC

Men’s Open 75+

The Men’s 75+ start up again for their Pool Play on Wednesday with their final games schedules for Thursday afternoon.

Men’s Open 80+

Malcolm Gilham of the UK has secured his win over Trevor Coulter of New Zealand by beating him for the second successive time in this event. Gilham and Coulter will take to the court again on Thursday before their medal ceremony.

(1) Malcolm Gilham (UK) bt (2) Trevor Coulter (NZ) - 11/7 12/10 11/4

Thurs 2pm – Final - (1) Malcolm Gilham (UK) vs (2) Trevor Coulter (NZ)


The Men’s Recreational Finals and 3/4 Playoffs are as below:

Men’s 35/40 +

Weds 11am – Final - (12) Herve Roignant (French Polynesia) vs (10) Balazs Kovary (USA)
Weds 10:15am – 3/4 Playoff – (8) Clayton Bailie (NZ) vs (11) Edward Meredith (NZ)

Men’s 45+

Weds 9:30am - Final – (8) Rodney Simpkins (Aus) vs (6) Denis Theriault (Canada)
Weds 9:30am – 3/4 Playoff – (12) Garry Pirie (Aus) vs (7) Phillippe Rougier (French Polynesia)

Men’s 50+

Weds 2pm – Final – (12) Patrick Le Fur (France) vs (15) Andrew McKay (NZ)
Weds 1:15pm – 3/4 Playoff – (1) Keith Jeftha (NZ) vs (3) Laveta Arthur (NZ)

Men’s 55+

Weds 3:30pm – Final – (8) Steve Neslon (Aus) vs (7) Colin Pannell (NZ)
Weds 2:45pm – 3/4 Playoff – (4) Moreno Grison (Aus) vs (11) Denzil Pinto (NZ)

Men’s 60+

Weds 5pm – Final – (9) Vijay Prasad (USA) vs (6) Peter Lindsja (Sweden)
Weds 4:15pm – 3/4 Playoff – (5) Sven Lilja (Sweden) vs (7) Bryce MacDonald (NZ)

Men’s 65+

Pool Play

Men’s 70+

Pool Play

Men’s 75+

Pool Play

Men’s 80+

Pool Play


Women’s Open 35+

Top seed and former World Number 6 Shelley Kitchen took another win today over Toni Horsman from NZ in 3 whilst Australia’s Diane Antonsen took her win over South Africa’s Tracy Browne in 3. The final day of matches kicks off on Wednesday with Jo Shanks and Shelley Kitchen topping the leader board at the moment.

Round 4

(1) Shelley Kitchen (NZ) bt Toni Horsman (NZ) – 11/4, 11/2, 11/5
Diane Antonsen (Australia) bt Tracy Browne (South Africa) - 11/2 11/5 11/3
(2) Joanna Shanks (NZ) bye

Round 5

Weds 11am - (1) Shelley Kitchen (NZ) vs (2) Joanna Shanks (NZ)
Weds 10:15am - Toni Horsman (NZ) vs Tracy Browne (South Africa)
Diane Antonsen (Australia) bye

Women's Open 40+ Finals

It was a recuperation day for the Women’s 40+ with the finals set for Wednesday with a guarantee of a Kiwi title and all medals staying in NZ.

Weds 12:30pm – Final - (1) Suk Hee Kim (NZ) vs (3) Trina Moore (NZ)
Weds 11:45am – 3/4 Playoff - (5) Michelle Heron (NZ) vs (2) Nadine Cull (NZ)

Women's Open 45+ Semi Finals

Five times World Champion Sarah Fitz-Gerald the top seed from Australia took her win from Kiwi player and fourth seed Tanya Laurence in 3 to claim her spot in the final. Local club mates from the North Shore Squash Club Lisa Cowlard (second seed) and Mandy Kennedy (third seed) had a good battle on court but it was Cowlard who took the win in 3 and secured a spot in the final.

(1) Sarah Fitz-Gerald (Australia) bt (4) Tanya Laurence (NZ) - 11/3 11/4 11/2
(2) Lisa Cowlard (NZ) bt (3) Mandy Kennedy (NZ) – 13/11 11/7 11/6

Weds 9:30am – Final - (1) Sarah Fitz-Gerald (Australia) vs (2) Lisa Cowlard (NZ)
Weds 9:30am – 3/4 Playoff - (4) Tanya Laurence (NZ) vs (3) Mandy Kennedy (NZ)

Women's Open 50+ Semi Finals

Top seed Susan Hillier of Australia carried on her winning ways with a win in 3 over New Zealand’s Annie Hall to secure her place in the final against South Africa’s Angelique Clifton Parks. Clifton Parks the second seed took her win from New Zealand’s Kathryn McKay in 3.

(1) Susan Hilier (Aus) bt (4) Annie Hall (NZ) – 11/5 11/5 11/0
(2) Angelique Clifton Parks (South Africa) bt (3) Kathryn McKay (NZ) – 11/7 11/3 11/2

Weds 2pm – Final - (1) Susan Hilier (Aus) vs (2) Angelique Clifton Parks (South Africa)
Weds 1:15pm – 3/4 Playoff - (4) Annie Hall (NZ) vs (3) Kathryn McKay (NZ)

Women's Open 55+ Finals

The Women’s Open 55+ had the day off before they take on each other in their respective finals on Wednesday.

Weds 3:30pm – Final - (1) Susan Lawrence (USA) vs (2) Phillippa Green (UK)
Weds 2:45pm – 3/4 Playoff - (5) Christine Ewart (NZ) vs (3) Elizabeth Hamilton (NZ)

Women's Open 60 + Finals

The Women’s 60+ were also relaxing today with their finals scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

Weds 5pm – Final - (1) Anne Richards (Australia) vs (3) Sarah Wilson (Australia)
Weds 4:15pm – 3/4 Playoff - (4) Napoli Teremaki (Australia) vs (2) Freda Walker (NZ)

Women's Open 65+ Semi Finals

The Women’s 65+ saw top seeds Susan Volzke of Australia and Laura Ramsay of Canada take out their Kiwi opponents Judith Orr and Gwen McGeown in 3 sets to claim their place in the final. These players will find out their champion on Thursday morning.

(1) Susan Volzke (Aus) bt (4) Judith Orr (NZ) - 11/3 11/6 11/9
(2) Laura Ramsay (Canada) bt (3) Gwen McGeown (NZ) - 11/7 11/4 11/2

Thurs 10:15am – Final - (1) Susan Volzke (Aus) vs (2) Laura Ramsay (Canada)
Thurs 9:30am – 3/4 Playoff - (4) Judith Orr (NZ) vs (3) Gwen McGeown (NZ)

Women’s Open 70+

There were no matches for the 70+ Women today with their next round of Pool Play starting on Wednesday night.

Round 4

Weds 6:15pm - (1) Kaye Jackson (NZ) vs Wendy Dann (NZ)
Weds 6:15pm - (2) Patricia Taylor (NZ) vs Betty MacDonald (NZ)
Wendy Dann (USA) bye


The Women’s Recreational Finals and 3/4 Playoffs are as below:

Women’s 35/40+

Pool Play

Women’s 45+

Weds 9:30am – Final - (1) Joy Koolan (NZ) vs Allison Baille (NZ)

3rd Place – Rhonda Evaroa 3rd seed

Women’s 50+

Pool Play

Women’s 55+

Pool Crossover

Women’s 60+

Pool Play

Women’s 65+

Pool Play

Women’s 75+

Pool Play


Entry is free for spectators all week at the North Shore Squash Club and you can view all the draws (including the Recreation draws for each age group) and follow the action as it happens at The individual competition will continue through until Thursday and will be followed by the Teams competition from Thursday to Saturday.

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