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What are the keys to keeping our members happy?

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New Zealand sport research shows there are 7 key drivers that influence club satisfaction for members.

It should be no surprise that happy members participate more often. To achieve this the world’s most successful sports clubs:

  • Design a high-energy environment which creates a third space.
  • Recruit and retain a great team of people (coaches and volunteers) who have sporting expertise and operate in a professional manner.
  • Communicate well and appropriately by developing member education and social network communication systems.
  • Offer a range of facilitated group activities (programmes and events) that help people achieve their health and fitness goals.
  • Make members and guests feel welcome by providing induction programmes that demonstrates an open and friendly culture.
  • Build club-within-a-club systems which provides a good social environment for members and guests to enjoy and relax in.

If happy members are important to your club, review and consider what you could do better in each of these seven key areas.

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