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Make it easy for beginners

Did you know there are 3 key factors which affect a new person’s squash experience?

The level of enjoyment that our members experience will determine whether or not they come back the next session. If we understand how we can support participants’ satisfaction levels, this can help us get new players to fall in love with squash.


The 3 key factors

Research suggests that three variables are key to improving enjoyment in an activity: intensity, social connection and competence.


Playing at a high level can result in a level of discomfort that can be associated with reduced satisfaction – especially for beginners. Activities that are too challenging are considered to be less enjoyable.

Social connection

Feeling connected to a group and the coach has been found to be important to achieving enjoyment from an activity. This allows participants to cope with discomfort and therefore increases the level of enjoyment.


Perceived competence – or the belief that you can perform the skills – has also been shown to influence levels of enjoyment. Beginner participants are more satisfied when there is appropriate coaching and activities to enable them to execute the skills well. Only once they feel like they can perform the moves are they able to focus on enjoying the game.

What does this mean?

  • New participants require a more structured and planned approach than regulars. Use the SquashStart resources and beginner programmes to introduce them gradually.
  • It is vital that your members feel connected to the coach, to others and the activities. For tips on how to create awesome connections click here.
  • Using clear instructions that will enable new people to get comfortable with the skills in the early stages will improve their confidence. To help take your coaching to the next level click here.

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