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Champion of Champions Coming up!

The Champion of Champions District Finals are coming up in most parts of the country, with entries closing soon. Also the 1 September grading list used for eligibility is now on availble on the Champion of Champions page.

The calendar date for the Champion of Champions District Finals is 27-29 September, and most districts are using these dates to decide their District Champions.  Entries close soon for many districts - contact your district association if you are interested in being part of this exciting new event. 

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Champion of Champions aims to identify the district champions in each grade (A-F) for males and females in all eleven districts around the country.  These champions are then eligible to travel through to the National Finals (being held this year at Burnside Squash Club) to play off for the title of Champion of Champions.

2013 will be the second year the event has run, with numbers being around 70 last year we are hoping for even more this time. With your help it is expected that the event will grow in popularity over the coming years, and come to enjoy the prestige and popularity that Superchamps currently does.

For more detail on the event, including its rules, visit the Champion of Champions page in the Events section of our website.

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