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Australia Seals Masters Series

An improved performance from the Kiwis wasn't enough to keep the series alive until the third test; going down 7-5.

With a few result turn arounds, New Zealand had high hopes of drawing the second test in Canberra last night, but it wasn't to be.

Wayne Seebeck and Judy Smith both turned around their 0-3 first test losses into 3-0 wiNZ Trans Tasman Masters Team 2011ns in the second test.

Once again Becky Clarke, Mark Waldin and Scott Gardiner showed their dominance winning their matches. Rod Bannister was very unlucky not to join the list of undefeated Kiwis, with a dubious stroke against him at 9-9 proving his undoing.

The players will now turn their energy to the Australian Masters Championships (individuals), before the third test is played on Friday.

Full Results Test Two
Australia 7 def NZ 5

Rod Bannister lost to Tony Whackett   10/8 4/9 9/2 9/10 0/9

Vicki Beker      lost to Sarah Nelson     1/9 1/9 1/9

Wayne Seebeck defeated Brian Cook  9/5 9/4 9/7

Liz Hamilton    lost to Sue Williams.      2/9 6/9 3/9

Mark Waldin    defeated Jim Mobbs      9/5 10/8 2/9 9/1

Mickayla Kerr    lost to Melissa Martin   0/9 1/9 4/9

Shane Madden lost to Jason Mudge    1/9 0/9 2/9

Becky Clarke  defeated Janelle Scobie 9/3 10/8 9/3

Mark Millar       lost to Dale Robbins     6/9 3/9 4/9

Judy Smith      defeated Sue Volzke     9/4 9/7 9/1

Scott Gardiner defeated Craig Grann   10/8 5/9 9/0 9/1

Karen Walton   Lost to Gaye Mitchell    4/9 7/9 9/4 4/9

First test results.

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