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Jaclyn Hawkes

Jaclyn Hawkes headshot Dec 11

Age you began playing squash? What age can you hold a racket?

Who introduced you to squash? My mum and dad.

First coach? Probably my mum but I can't remember.

Right or left-handed? Right.

Favourite shot? Forehand volley drop.

Favourite tournament venue? Grand Central Station, New York.

Best friend(s) on tour? Kyles.

Favourite city? Hong Kong.

Favourite food? Ice cream.

Most admired sportsperson? Roger Federer - love him.

How do you relax between playing and training? I read a lot.

Best achievement to date in squash? Commonwealth Games gold medal.

Dave Dobbyn or The Killers? Dave Dobbyn.

If you were stuck on a desert island, which three people would you like for company? Jonathon Kemp, Bear Grylls and Cambo Grayson.

You're still stuck on the desert island, would you rather have a waffle maker or a John Deere tractor?  Why? They both would be useless.  The tractor would only last as long as the petrol, and you can't make waffles without waffle batter or a plug.  However the tractor is clearly more useful in the short term.

How many weetbix can you do? I've never tried to eat more than four.

Do you have any pre-match routines (food/superstitions/music)? Not really.  I do always eat twice or even three times the usual amount of food before a match because I'm always worried I'll get hungry.

Favourite subject at school? History.

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