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When your existing members are motivated they play more often and stay longer. If you have happy, enthusiastic members they renew their memberships, refer their friends and as a result your club membership grows. The secret to giving your members a world-class experience is understanding and delivering on their expectations. This is influenced by the types of programmes you offer, the level of social interaction and the quality of your facility.

1. Understand what drives member satisfaction

This will help your club deliver a worthwhile experience for everyone. Find out more

2. Create a culture of loyalty

This will foster a desire to belong. Find out more

3. Learn to listen to your members feedback

This will help your club improve current practices and minimise bad reviews. Find out more

4. Offer what your community wants

Optimise your programme offering and scheduling. Find out more

5. Build 'clubs within your club'

This will help build social bonds between members. Find out more

6. Provide challenges to stimulate motivation levels

These are great ways to create a friendly atmosphere of competition. Find out more

7. Use the FREE iSquash Bulk Email feature to get the call out

Target emails to specific groups within your membership to help your members feel like you care about them. Find out more

8. Make is easy for members to renew

This will help your club improve member retention. Find out more

9. Reward your members who renew their memberships each year

Send a thank you letter and small gifts to your members on their anniversaries. Download a anniversary letter. Click here

10. Know the signs of disengagement

This will help you to identify which members are at risk of leaving. Find out more

  • Download an action plan to re-engage the at risk members. Click here

11. Understand the reasons why people leave your club

This will help you (re)engage with lapsed members. Find out more

  • Download a Member Exit survey for them to fill in. Click here


New Member Management

Joining a squash club should be a fun, exciting and engaging experience. However, for many it is a time when they feel afraid, low in confidence and anxious about their ability. Therefore facilitating an effective member journey will help your new members to meet new people, form good habits, try new things, develop skills and enjoy your club's environment so they will want to come back for more.

1. Follow the membership pathway model

This step-by-step process will help you convert participants into members. Find out more

2. Get your new members involved as soon as possible.

This is the reason why they have come in the first place. Find out more

3. Understand the smart way to start - SquashStart

This will help new members to form good routines and habits:

4. Provide new members with advice and a starting schedule to help them get on the right track

Download the SquashStart planner to set them up for long-term success. Click here

5. Offer an orientation and introduction session for every new person

This will help your new participants become familiar with your facilities and all your club has to offer. Find out more

  • Download an induction checklist to ensure you tick all the boxes during this process. Click here

6. Ease new members in with the right membership option

Understand the different ways you can hook people into your club. Find out more

  • Download an easy-to-use membership form to make the sign up process simple. Click here

7. Give each new member a welcome letter and pack as part of their induction procedure

These documents will help your club induct new members and provide the necessary information to get them settled, such as:

  • Download a new member welcome letter template. Click here
  • Download a new member welcome pack template. Click here

8. Follow a new member communication process

This will help your new members feel like you care and are willing to help if needed. 

Casual Participants

Casual and occasional participants form a large part of the overall squash landscape. They are generally highly engaged and passionate about the game but are not full members - usually because of cost and time. Many casual participants were previously members but the fact was that they weren't playing often enough to see value for their membership. For clubs to (re)engage with casuals, the participant needs to see all the benefits that taking up a squash membership provides. The easiest way to do this is to grow participation by connecting them with others and delivering great experiences.

1. Follow the membership pathway model

This step-by-step process will help you convert participants into new members. Find out more

2. Generate a stream of leads

This will give your club more opportunities to get members. Find out more

3. Nail your programme offering

This will help your club get more participants through the door more often. Find out more

4. Provide a range of flexible payment options

This will help your club capture casual participants for longer. Find out more

5. Utilise the FREE iSquash Online Booking System

This will allow participants to book and access courts at specified times. Find out more

6. Use casual participant data to drive decision making

This information can help you tailor special membership packages to convert casual players. Find out more

7. Understand what you can charge for entry

This will allow your club to set appropriate court hire fees. Find out more

8. Ensure visitors and casual users sign the waiver before using the facilities with you

This will ensure everyone using your club understands the risks. Download a waiver form. Click here

9. Discover other ways to engage with squash participants

This will help you understand their wants and needs so you can give them what they want. Find out more

10. Provide a compelling membership value proposition

This will ensure potential members can see value in signing up to your club. Find out more

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