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Casual and occasional participants form a large part of the overall squash landscape. They are generally highly engaged and passionate about the game but are not full members - usually because of cost and time. Many casual participants were previously members but the fact was that they weren't playing often enough to see value for their membership. For clubs to (re)engage with casuals, the participant needs to see all the benefits that taking up a squash membership provides. The easiest way to do this is to grow participation by connecting them with others and delivering great experiences.

1. Follow the membership pathway model

This step-by-step process will help you convert participants into new members. Find out more

2. Generate a stream of leads

This will give your club more opportunities to get members. Find out more

3. Nail your programme offering

This will help your club get more participants through the door more often. Find out more

4. Provide a range of flexible payment options

This will help your club capture casual participants for longer. Find out more

5. Utilise the FREE iSquash Online Booking System

This will allow participants to book and access courts at specified times. Find out more

6. Use casual participant data to drive decision making

This information can help you tailor special membership packages to convert casual players. Find out more

7. Understand what you can charge for entry

This will allow your club to set appropriate court hire fees. Find out more

8. Ensure visitors and casual users sign the waiver before using the facilities with you

This will ensure everyone using your club understands the risks. Download a waiver form. Click here

9. Discover other ways to engage with squash participants

This will help you understand their wants and needs so you can give them what they want. Find out more

10. Provide a compelling membership value proposition

This will ensure potential members can see value in signing up to your club. Find out more

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