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Reviewing and Improving

Once your club is established and running, you shouldn't let things continue as they are. You should be constantly reviewing your progress and looking for ways to improve. Monitoring your club's performance will allow you to find out what is working and what could be made more effective and efficient. Doing this will help you to achieve your goals as a club and will also help your members to become the best they can be.

1. Have a continuous improvement process

Collecting information to measure will allow you to manage changes. Download the continuous improvement process. Click here

2. Understand your circles of influence

Concentrate only on the things you can attribute directly. Download a circles of influence guide. Click here

3. Know what evidence you need

Documenting the details is necessary to support decision making. Download an evidence sheet. Click here

4. Tell your story

Showing others the outcomes and impact you have made can help you to build stronger partnerships. Click here (to see Squash New Zealand's CoachForce stories)

5. Use available tools to find out what direction to take

Sport New Zealand have created Sport Compass - a free online club assessment and guidance modules. Find out more

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