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Every year there are hundreds of events held throughout the country. Events are one of the most effective ways to re-launch member motivation. They provide massive social energy and increase participation. They also allow those who wish to test themselves with opportunities to play to the highest level that their ability will allow. Hosting an event can deliver worthwhile economic outcomes for the community too.

1. Include your event on the national tournament calendar

This will ensure everyone involved in squash will know when it is on. Click here

2. Make sure your club ticks all the boxes

Download a tournament checklist. Click here

3. Use the scoresheet producer in conjunction with the FREE iSquash Tournament module

This will save a lot of time inputting details and will allow you to input, print and display results. Download the scoresheet generator. Click here

4. Create an event marketing plan

This will allow you to tell everyone about your event. Download an event marketing strategy. Click here

5. Promote club events online

Create a Facebook Event and use online databases such as Eventfinder to ensure your activity or event shows up in multiple locations.

6. Provide event guides

Giving important information will make life easier for those coming from outside of the area. Download an event guide. Click here

7. Highlight the refereeing pathway

This will ensure your members are familiar with, and sign up for, the range of opportunities that exist. Find out more

8. Collect and display refereeing resources

These will help your athletes and officials run matches more effectively, such as:

  • Download the Typical On Court Situations poster. Click here
  • Download the Lets Beginners Guide poster. Click here

9. Share some of the risks by using a waiver form

This will emphasise that the event or activities has potential risks and are not to be undertaken lightly. Download a waiver form. Click here

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