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Strategy and Planning

A structured plan of attack lets you know what changes your club wants to see, how you think you can achieve those changes and provides a way of checking that your agreed ideas turn into a reality. From club leadership and management perspectives, you can plan your expenditure and prioritise your actions based on the growth you can expect to see within your club. It also helps you monitor and evaluate progress and take each task step-by-step.

1. Undertake a membership gap analysis

This will allow you to identify who currently plays, who used to play and who doesn't play so you can provide better offerings these different groups. Click here

2. Profile your existing and lapsed members

This will allow you to understand your existing and lapsed members:

  • Download a current members questionnaire. Click here
  • Download a lapsed members questionnaire. Click here

3. Understand the needs of your community

This will allow you to deliver to your existing and potential members. Use Sport New Zealand's free Insights Tool that contains demographic information, trends from Statistics New Zealand and school census information. Find out more

4. Develop a strategic plan

Giving your club targets motivates and inspires its’ members and gives them a sense of what is possible. Find out more

  • Download a step-by-step planning process and example strategic plan. Click here

5. Establish participation and membership goals

Setting smaller goals on the way to your long-term plan provides you with a useful measuring stick for progress. Download a scorecard template. Click here

6. Create a budget forecast that allows you to achieve your goals

Work out what it will cost to make it happen so you can prioritise and document your plan. Download a budget workbook. Click here

7. Choose your membership structure

Having a range of options allows you to cater to people's different lifestyles and budgets. Download a membership structure guide. Click here

8. Set your fees accordingly

This will ensure your members receive value for money:

9. Get partners on board

This will help your club to be a success within your community. Find out more

10. Focus on executing your strategy

Without an implementation plan your strategy will mean nothing. Download an strategy execution plan. Click here

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