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A well managed club leads to increased member retention, participation growth, a better experience and a healthier future. Paying someone to manage your club's operations is a strategic hire but having a great manager with passion, experience and drive to build enthusiam and success at your club can make things easier and help your club achieve results. Continually reviewing and documenting progress also enables your club to keep improving.

1. Make use of the FREE iSquash platform

iSquash is a free, web-based tool that makes all aspects of squash administration easier. Click here

  • View our trouble shooting guides to make it easier. Click here.

2. Discover the keys to good customer service

This helps your club engage with your members and guests so they want to come back.

3. Provide professional development opportunities and support

This will ensure your administrators keep up with the play. Use New Zealand training providers, such as:

4. Utilise technology and other software

Techsoup provide discounted items for charitable organisations. 

Below are some other popular software tools that will save your club administrators and volunteers time, plus make providing a succession plan seamless:

5. Understand the difference between employing and contracting

This will help your club choose the best model. For more information:

  • Ensure your club meets the legal requirements from the IRD. Find out more
  • Seek advice from Employment New Zealand. Find out more

6. Employ or contract a Club Manager to look after your club operations

  • Download a Club Manager job description. Click here

7. Review the recent New Zealand law changes

This will ensure your club keep up to date with changes to small business laws. Find out more

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