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The way you communicate is as important as the message. Boosting participation and membership numbers depends on your club’s ability to sell your offerings to all members and participants. Showcasing your building and leveraging your club's website and social media pages are the cheapest and most effective ways your club can connect with your current members. Giving multiple people the knowledge so they can effectively communicate with others also gets the word out.

1. Highlight your building exterior with attractive signage

This will make it easy for members of the community to see you. Find out more

2. Promote the different ways to play with the 'Programmes Brochure'

This is what your members and guests really want to know about. Click here

3. Download FREE marketing materials

Use the national branding to draw in new members and inspire your existing ones. Find out more

4. Have an online presence

This will create a touch-point for customers and increase your club's brand awareness. Find out more

5. Leverage the power of social media

This will help connect your club members, build a community and generate new leads. Find out more

6. Distribute printed collateral

Use hard copies of club brochures to help sell your club. Download a club brochure template. Click here

7. Use your existing, loyal members to get more members

This will encourage your current members to be proactive in getting more people involved. Find out more

8. Run open days

This allows your members to show off their club to their friends and family. Download an open days tips sheet. Click here

9. Utilise your local media contacts

This will help your club reach a wider audience. Download a media contact list. Click here

10. Use pop-up courts at fairs, expos and in other open spaces

These are great ways for people to have a hit.

11. Create good business partnerships

Giving well-connected local business owners memberships can create powerful word-of-mouth referrals for your club.

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