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Providing an effective timetable can have a huge effect on getting more people into your club across all time slots on every day of the week. The best way of achieving this is to meet the needs of your members by offering the types of programmes they want, on the right days and at the right times. Group programmes are a proven and effective way to get people through the door. Nothing beats group activities for creating a social and connected atmosphere within your facility – and for encouraging new people to join so they can be part of the fun and the community you are building.

1. Understand what your members want

View the national insights into programme scheduling. Find out more

2. Nail your programme offering

This will help your club get more members through the door more often. Find out more

3. Create a programme scorecard

This will enable your club to know which programmes attract the most participants, who your top coaches are and what percentage of total participation can be attributed to group activities. Download a programme scorecard. Click here

4. Optimise your timetable display

Download a sample layout and adapt for your club's activities. Download a sample timetable layout. Click here

5. Consider the factors that influence your programmes success (and analyse its' performance)

This will let you create an action plan to improve your offering. Download a list of factors to consider. Click here

6. Make sure your equipment is fit for purpose

This prevents injuries and allows your members to progress their game faster. Find out more

7. Ensure you have substitutes ready to go

Having a pool of coaches gives your programmes a level of sustainability if someone is unable to make it. Find out more

8. Determine your pricing structure

This will allow you to provide maximum financial benefit to your participants. Find out more

9. Develop a marketing plan

This will allow you to tell everyone about your programmes and offerings. Find out more

10. Discover how you can manage court demand at peak times of the day

This will allow you to make the most effective use of your courts. Find out more

11. Collect and input activity data into the FREE iSquash Activity Reporting tool

This lets you measure your progress so you can identify the trends of what is working and where there is room for improvement. Find out more

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