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Coaching is all about sharing knowledge and experience, making squash fun and helping athletes to reach their potential. A quality coach can make a huge difference between a good experience and a great experience. Coaches develop, support and motivate their athletes to enable them to gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes to participate and succeed. They also provide more than just sporting knowledge – they also shape many other skills that can be used in everyday life such as leadership, teamwork and commitment.

1. Appoint a Club CoachForce Coordinator

This will allow your club to organise regular opportunities to develop your people. Download a Club CoachForce Coordinator job description. Click here

2. Learn what to look for in a coach

This will help your club find superstars. Find out more

3. Promote the coaching pathway

This will ensure your members are familiar with, and sign up for, the range of opportunities that exist. Find out more

4. Ensure your members have completed the FREE online coach learning modules

Access the modules online. Click here

5. Send the CoachForce Club Questionnaire to your membership database

This will enable your club to gain feedback from your members on what coach learning modules they want to do and when. Download a copy of the questionnaire. Download the club coaching questionnaire. Click here

6. Contact your regional CoachForce Officer

This will allow your club to schedule the coach learning modules that your coaches want to upskill in. View the regional CoachForce Officer contact details. Find out more

7. Order and have copies of the coaching resources available

See the range of online and printed coaching resources. Find out more

8. Contract a Club Coach

This will ensure your members and participants have a go to for support:

  • Download a Club Coach job description. Click here
  • Download a sample services agreement. Click here

9. Suggest insurance for professional coaches

This will ensure your independent contractors or self-employed coaches are protected. Find out more

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