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Maintaining financial viability of your squash club is all about ensuring the amount of money coming in is equal to, or greater than, the amount going out. If your club doesn’t make a profit there is no money available to invest into building your club. This means no provision for equipment repair or replacement, no provision to make better facilities and no provision to provide more services for your members. By having more money coming in than going out, you can invest this (on a non-profit basis) into the development of your club and provide better services for your members.

Making Money

1. Know your community grant funders

There are many different organisations in the community who exist to give funding. Find out more

Other sources of funding include:

2. Use proven template resources

This documentation covers essential requirements for grant funding applications, such as:

3. Look for long-term commercial partnerships

This will enable your club to develop relationships within the community to produce beneficial results. Find out more

4. Sell sponsorship opportunities to local businesses

This provides them with opportunities to increase their community exposure.

  • Download a Sponsorship proposal letter. Click here
  • Download a Sponsorship package outline. Click here
  • Download a Sponsorship agreement. Click here

5. Hire out your facility to other community users during off-peak times

This will enable you to keep your spaces and places filled. Download a facility hire agreement. Click here

6. Consider complimentary ways to make income

There are plenty of options that exist to upsell to members. Find out more

Saving Money

1. Utilise the FREE LiteClub service

The LiteClub team install energy efficient products for your club facility to save you costs. Find out more

2. Sign up with the FREE national group buying scheme - n3

Sport New Zealand have paid the joining fee for all affiliated clubs to save on existing operational outgoings. Find out more

3. Take advantage of the national insurance scheme - Aon

Squash New Zealand have developed an insurance package with Aon. Find out more

4. Apply for Community Post support

Each year NZ Post donate envelopes and support to community organisations. Find out more

Managing Money

1. Put processes in place

It is best practice to have a club bank account with multiple signatories.

2. Utilise online accounting software

This will assist your club to keep track of income and expenditure using computerised systems such as Xero or MYOB.

3. Watch the Charities Services video or read the Grant Thornton Conversion Guide and take the tier assessment

This will help you understand where you club sits under the new financial reporting requirements. The majority of squash clubs are likely to fall under tiers 3 and 4.

4. Adopt the new reporting standards layout

This will ensure your club prepares financial statements in line with the new standards.

5. Sign up for updates with the Charities Services

This will allow your club to be continually up to date with the requirements of financial reporting as it happens. Find out more

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