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Squash New Zealand actively promotes a safe and inclusive environment that is free from harassment and abuse; and promotes respectful and positive behaviours and values. All administrators, coaches, athletes, referees, support staff and spectators have a responsibility to ensure that every person who wants to be, or is involved, in squash is treated with respect and dignity, and are safe and protected from harm and abuse.

1. Adopt Squash New Zealand's Good Practices

View the Squash New Zealand Member Protection Policy and Code of Conduct. Find out more

2. Adapt and employ relevant club Codes of Conduct by appointing a Protection Officer

These samples outline some of the expected behaviours for administrators, coaches, officials, parents and players involved in the game:

  • Download the Administrator's Code of Conduct. Click here
  • Download the Coach's Code of Conduct. Click here
  • Download the Official's Code of Conduct. Click here
  • Download the Parent's Code of Conduct. Click here
  • Download the Player's Code of Conduct. Click here

3. Have some basic club rules

This will ensure things run smoothly and everyone enjoys all your club has to offer. Download a club rules poster. Click here

4. Read the Sport New Zealand – Safe Sport for Children guide

This will help your club implement a sound child protection policy and keep them safe. Find out more

5. Sign up for updates with the Privacy Commssion

This will allow your club to be continually up to date with the latest in privacy news as it happens. Find out more

6. Interview, referee check and police vet your coaches and volunteers

This will ensure that society’s most vulnerable members, including children, older people and people with special needs are looked after. Find out more

7. Promote healthy fitness habits (such as warming up and cooling down)

This will ensure your members get the most out of the game and stay injury free. Find out more

8. Highlight the use of eyewear on court

This can prevent injuries and help your members progress their game. Find out more

9. Educate your members around fair play

Sport New Zealand have a free online course for athletes, coaches and officials to understand match-fixing. Find out more

10. Ensure visitors and casual users sign the waiver before using the facilities with you

This will ensure everyone using your club understands the risks. Download a waiver form. Click here

11. Purchase public liability insurance

This will ensure your members are protected against being legally liable to pay compensation in respect of unintended and unexpected personal injury and property damage.

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