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Alcohol and Other Drugs

Squash New Zealand encourages the responsible consumption of alcohol; promotes the health and well-being of all members; and is committed to the advancement of clean sports that rejects cheating through the use of performance enhancing substances and methods. Clubs are encouraged to promote legal and responsible use of alcohol; comply with the Laws and Regulations which aim to preserve a social environment conducive to healthy living; and to educate young people, adult members and staff regarding the dangers of alcohol and other drugs.

1. Read the Hospitality New Zealand – Sale and Supply of Alcohol Factsheet Document

This will outline the key things your club needs to know. Find out more

2. Apply for a liquor license to legally sell alcohol

This outlines the different types of licenses, depending on your situation. Find out more

3. Sign up for updates with Alcohol New Zealand

This will ensure your club is up to date with the latest. Find out more

4. Understand how alcohol affects squash performance

Learn what regular and excessive alcohol consumption does to sporting performance. Find out more

5. Allow your members to discuss the adoption of an Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy

Download a sample Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy and adapt for your club. Click here

6. Collect and display the relevant resources

This documentation provides essential information for your club, such as:

7. Educate your staff and volunteers

Servewise have a free online course for all paid employees or volunteers that outlines their rights and requirements under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol legislation. Find out more

Drugfree Sport NZ also have a free online course on anti-doping. Find out more

8. Make sure free drinking water (and a range of food options) are available

Download and display the 100% Water resources. Click here

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