We acknowledge that clubs and facilities choose not to affiliate for various reasons. Partner with us when you are ready to lift your game once more.


Club reaffiliation process


Squash New Zealand and the 11 squash districts are incorporated societies established to serve the needs of their respective member organisations. All squash clubs are encouraged to affiliate (as a member club) to both Squash New Zealand their local district. From time to time a club may chose/need to disaffiliate. The following process details how a club can reaffiliate.



  1. A prospective club must apply in writing (filling out the membership application form) to both its local district and Squash New Zealand. Applications must include: full name, key contacts, number and type of courts, membership details, colours, constitution and SEM declaration.
  2. Squash New Zealand and the local district will together consider the application from the club to reaffiliate
  3. Once approved, club committee members are added to iSquash and any required training provided to enable full use of iSquash



Any club reaffiliating after a period of more than three years is eligible for a reaffiliation fee subsidy. The subsidy will be 50% of the cost of the Squash New Zealand affiliation levy for two years or part thereof (Squash NZ affiliation period is January 1 to December 30) based on Senior Equivalent Membership calculation from the club’s previous financial year & Grading List Levy.


A district may offer to subsidise their affiliation levy (invoiced separately) in addition to the Squash New Zealand subsidy. Clubs are encouraged to make this enquiry directly to their district.


Example of how affiliation fees and grading levies are calculated


SEM Declaration


Grading Levy




Club squash income



Senior graded players


Senior subscription



Junior graded players


SEM number



Leisure players



Squash New Zealand levy is made up as follows (using 2020 affiliation/levy rates):


SEM affiliation levy

40 x $27.15 =


Senior grading list levy

25 x $12.95 =


Junior grading list levy

5 x $5.50 =




$1437.25 + GST



$718.62 + GST


To get started with your Club Reaffiliation : Please find the Membership application form & SEM decleration HERE

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