How are the affiliation fees calculated?

Affiliation levies are calculated using the SEM / GLL model:

  • The SEM component is based on the SEM declaration clubs submit on 30 September each year and calculated by taking the amount received in subscription income and divided by the amount charged to a senior member.
  • The GLL component takes the number of players a club had on their grading list as at the same date.

This fee is often absorbed within the membership fees charged and should be from the club's latest complete financial year.

An example:

The current SEM (Senior Equivalent Member) affiliation levy charge of $27.15* + GST per squash club member plus the GLL (Grading List Levy) affiliation charge of $12.95* + GST for seniors and $5.50* + GST for juniors is collected by each affiliated squash club on behalf of Squash New Zealand.

*Fees Shown are 2020, All levies are set by the Squash New Zealand Board on an annual basis

SEM Declaration Grading Levy
Club squash income $10,000.00 Senior graded players 25
Senior subscription $250.00 Junior graded players 5
SEM number 40 Leisure players 20

The Squash New Zealand levy is made up as follows:

SEM affiliation levy 40 x $27.15 = $1,100.00
Senior grading list levy (based on 30th September grading list) 25 x $12.95 = $323.75
Junior grading list levy (based on 30th September grading list) 5 x $5.50 = $27.50
TOTAL $1,451.25 + GST

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