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Registration is Now Open

Registration for the 2018 event is now open (and it closes Jun 15, 2018). There are three stages to entering.

Step 1
The first step to entry is to sign-up for a WSF SPIN (Squash Player Identification Number). If you have played in any WSF event in the last 4 years then you will already have one. If you haven't then go here to get one. 

Step 2
Enter the tournament. Remember you have to be over the appropriate age division on the first day of the competition. So for instance, to play in the 65+ division, you must be born on, or before July 29, 1953. The entry fee is $115.

Step 3
Sign-up for  the add on services, that include the four official functions, as well as the airport pick-up/drop-off, or the events transportation shuttle loop service.

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