Hosting National Events

Rotation Schedule

At the 2013 Presidents' Meeting an annual national event rotation system was proposed and approved.  From 2015 onwards, all national events will be rotated regularly around each district.  This will give each district regular access to every national event, and evenly share the travel burden on all players. The schedule, and more information on the roster, can be found here

2016 Hosts

2016 sees the second year of the National Rotation roster and the 2016 National Event hosts have been chosen. A full list of hosts can be found here

For relevant information on each event please go to the specific section within the Squash New Zealand website. 


Hosting Guidance Documents

A variety of hosting guidance documents on each event can be obtained by contacting the Squash Director Sam Crawford at 

National Events MOUs

Squash New Zealand signs MOUs with each of the national event host clubs at the beginning of the season. These Memoranda of Understanding formalise the expectations for each party (Squash NZ and the host club), and detail what each must do. However, it is important to remember that Squash NZ is here to help, and if any guidance/help is needed, a club only has to ask.  

Please contact the Squash Director Sam Crawford at for a draft copy of MOU's

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