Coaching Pathway

Participants at different stages of the Athlete Pathway have different aspirations and coaching needs. There are no firm lines of separation between each of the playing communities and some coaches will operate across a range of the communities.

Athlete Pathway

The Athlete Pathway outlines the various stages of participation within squash. It spans the dual aims of lifelong participation and high performance success, achieved as one integrated system. The pathway is not linear and changes are common as we develop and our needs change. The phases are outlined below:

Athlete Pathway


These stages are the entry levels to organised squash for Small Nix (5-8 years) and Big Nix (9-12 years) playing communities. Children in these stages are developing and refining their fundamental movement skills, learning the rules of the game and developing positive attitudes towards squash through playful, fun and supportive environments.


These stages are all about youth and adults experiencing the game where social enjoyment and fun are key focuses. For those who want more there are competitive opportunities to challenge themselves and develop themselves further.


These stages can begin from a young age with talent identification and involves players who have shown the ability to compete at regional and / or national levels. Many become part of talent development programmes which are designed to support athletes towards elite sport and representing New Zealand on the world stage.


At these stages athletes are part of high performance programmes and are working to translate their training and skills into competing at a world-class level and achieving international success.

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