Coach Development

Why should I attend the coach development modules?

There are many reasons why we should all continually upskill ourselves as coaches, for example:

  • Your players want to know they're getting the best and the game is constantly changing so by attending a module you can keep up with the latest learnings and trends.
  • You'll receive a special module pack and world-class resources with examples of easy-to-follow training sessions and activities to help you deliver safe, effective and fun coaching support that your athletes expect.
  • You'll get the knowledge of actual coaching, rather than just resorting back to what you've picked up as a player and this allows you to effectively pass information on to your players to help them be better.
  • You'll take a step on the coaching pathway and gain a national coaching qualification which connects you with the growing Squash Coaches Network and provides you with ongoing opportunities to grow.
  • Continuing to learn fuels your coaching skills, gives you more pieces of the roadmap so you can keep evolving as a coach and gets you more recognition within the squash community.

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