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Apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL is based on the understanding that people can learn and develop in many different ways and takes into account a person's skills, experiences and qualifications. RPL can only be granted on competencies that can be demonstrated as supported by appropriate evidence.

Recognition of Prior Learning


Step 1. The coach reads the RPL Information sheet.

Step 2. The coach registers themselves on iSquash.

Step 3. The coach reads the relevant module assessment requirements and determines if they can perform the tasks and how they can prove this.

Step 4. The coach completes the RPL application formNote: It is recommended that the coach contacts Squash New Zealand to discuss their level of suitability for RPL prior to submitting their application form.

Step 5. The coach provides the following documentation to Squash New Zealand:
   - Evidence supporting their RPL application relevant to each assessment criterion in the appropriate module(s).
   - A current first aid course certificate.
   - A signed police vetting service request and consent form.
   - A signed Squash New Zealand Coaches Code of Ethics form.
   - Payment of $50.00 + GST.

Step 6. Upon receipt of all required documentation, Squash New Zealand reviews the RPL application and evidence accordingly.

Step 7. Squash New Zealand contacts the coach to arrange an on-court practical assessment (if required).

Step 8. Squash New Zealand makes a formal assessment decision and provides feedback to the coach.

Step 9. Coaches will either be granted RPL in the appropriate module(s) in iSquash; or will be required to develop further by attending the appropriate module(s) and / or completing the required assessment(s).

Step 10. Coaches who are not granted RPL and who wish to appeal against a decision made about their application have within 10 working days of receiving the assessment decision to lodge an appeal.

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