Coach Development

Module 11a: Individual Development

This coach learning module gives coaches the tools, resources and information needed to develop and support their District representative athletes for the demands of performance squash.

Content covered

  • Processing information, making decisions and performing skills
  • Creating deception using body language and the racket face
  • The constraints led approach to coaching
  • Understanding what soft-skills are
  • Practical ways to develop soft-skills
  • Coaching athletes to deal with setbacks using different constraints

Resources received
Coaches who attend will receive a special Individual Development Module 11a pack which includes a resource booklet with relevant information and coaching ideas. Coaches can also access the Coaching sections on the Squash NZ website for further resources, development and networking opportunities.

Individual Development Mod 11a

2 hours 40 minutes 

This coach learning module is provided by the Districts' trained regional CoachForce or Squash New Zealand using accredited Trainers.

Module costs are set by the District.

Qualifications gained
Coaches who attend will be recorded on the Squash New Zealand iSquash database as having completed Individual Development Module 11a.

Coaches are required to attend 3 modules to receive the "Individual Development" Qualification:

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