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#LoveSquash Profiling of Amanda and Campbell, Joelle's big week and Other Exciting Events

Dear Squash Players

Did you keep up to date with everything that has gone on since our last email? Don't worry we will update you on everything that has gone on, preview what is to come next week and remind you of the exciting things that are happening! Don't forget to forward this on to your friends who might be interested in learning more about squash!

Profiling Amanda and Campbell

This week we have been looking back over the history of Amanda Landers-Murphy and Campbell Grayson. Both players have had very different squash careers but they have both made some great achievements in that time! If you missed Campbell or Amanda's profile then you can check them out below:

Joelle King at the Windy City Open 

What a week it has been at the Windy City Open in Chicago! Whilst it was a tough 1st round result for Paul Coll, did you see Joelle in action! 

Joelle made her first World Series Final this week and came close to her first major title win. Check out all the results and stories below:

Joelle's results have seen her climb the World Rankings for this month to World Number 7 whilst Paul has gone back up to World Number 11. Check out the full details on their ranking movements here

Instagram Takeovers and Profiling the Players 

It is going to be a big week as we finish up profiling our remaining players (Evan Williams, Lance Beddoes and Zac Millar) and they all get a chance to take over our Instagram page! Check out who is taking over our Instagram page and when below:

  • Amanda Landers-Murphy - 4th March
  • Evan Williams - 6th March
  • Campbell Grayson - 7th March
  • Lance Beddoes - 9th March
  • Zac Millar - 11th March

So if you want to get some behind the scenes action and see what goes on in a top athletes life then follow us on Instagram.

#LoveSquash Competitions

Don't forget Squash New Zealand is running a #LoveSquash Competition for Fans and Clubs! Have you entered yet? Do you know what is involved in these competitions?

Full details on the Fans Competition can be found here, whilst details on the Clubs Competition can be found here.

So make sure you are using the hashtag #LoveSquash, tag in Squash New Zealand and tell us who you are proud of, post a message of support, say anything you want! Our various Social Media Channels can be found here FacebookTwitterInstagram.

National Squash Open Day

Don't forget the National Squash Open Day for 2018 being run alongside our #LoveSquash Campaign will be Saturday 7th April (The First Saturday of the Commonwealth Games and Semi-Finals of Squash) from 11am to 1pm.

Details on how your club can run the open day can be found here. We also want all clubs who are participating to sign up to the day, so make sure someone from your club registers here

#LoveSquash T-Shirts and Bumper Stickers

Have you put your order in for our branded #LoveSquash T-Shirts and Bumper Stickers to help promote our sport to the wider public!

Full details on how to order can be found here as well as an updated sizings list for al T-Shirt sizes!

Find your Local Club

Are you feeling the urge to go and pick up a racquet? Find your local club and their contact details on our website here.

If you want to know more information about your local squash club then enter your details here. If you know anyone who is interested in finding more out about squash or their local club get them to sign up here and we will be in touch.

Keep Watching

Don't forget we are profiling all of our players this week and we have some more exciting news for people around the departure of the players... We can't say much more but keep an eye on your emails and our Social Media Channels this week, if you have any queries contact us at

Did You Miss It? 

In case you missed an important news article in our last newsletter you can check in here to catch up on the stories!

That's all for now but there will be more news in the coming weeks!


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